NUcleic acid BAsed Drugs
NUBAD, LLC is a drug discovery company devoted to identifying therapeutic agents that target nucleic acids. We develop novel probes, assays and small molecule therapeutics targeting RNA and DNA structures identified as targets in human disease. If you are interested in targeting nucleic acids, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at or use our contact page.

NUBAD, LLC was founded in 2009 to commercialize the DNA and RNA targeted technologies discovered in the chemistry department at Clemson University. NUBAD, LLC opened up its labs in 2011 at GHS-ITOR in a private sector innovation relationship platform.  NUBAD’s goal is to be a leading facilitator in the targeting of nucleic acid based drugs.  As new genomic targets are identified, NUBAD’s technologies and probes will assist discovery of DNA and RNA targeted small molecule drugs.

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